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About Burnin' Bush LLC

The Burnin' Bush LLC is family-owned and operated in the Helotes area since 2009. We are a leading recycler in the wood-waste industry, and we pride ourselves on producing cost-effective materials for commercial and residential use. At Burnin' Bush LLC, we create and produce a wide range of mulches, composts, and soils while providing various aggregates for your current or future landscaping projects. We have pioneered new, organic, and cost-effective processes to make the highest quality materials at the best price. Our services include taking in commercial and residential brush and yard trimmings to recycle into several varieties of mulch and compost, ready to be delivered to your door.

The Burnin' Bush LLC Story

Founded in March of 2009, Burnin' Bush LLC started off as a clean-up project after the "Mulchie" fire down the road from our site. It quickly turned into a brush recycling facility. Since then, we've been blessed and have grown rapidly, with mulch sales exceeding 75,000 cubic yards of mulch sold within the last year.

We are a Christian-owned company and thank God for his blessings. Any Christian churches needing mulch should contact the owner, Waylon Wehmeyer, for an extremely reduced price on all mulch needs. We look forward to working with you and your neighbor.

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