The Art of Mulch

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We Treat What We Do as a Form of Landscaping Art While Saving Our Environment


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Burnin' Bush LLC is San Antonio's premier landscape material company. Our landscaping products are ideal for projects big or small, from DIY'ers to commercial development contractors. At Burnin' Bush LLC, we supply a wide range of high-quality bulk materials, including mulch, soil, compost, sand, river rock, and more.

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The Benefits of Mulching

Adding mulch has many benefits additional to making your garden more attractive. Mulch also:


Adds Moisture Retention to Soil

Reduces Winter Injury

Helps With Weed Control

Protects Against Erosion

Protects Against Damage From Weed Eaters and Lawnmowers

Helps Repel Ticks, Gnats, and Fleas


Mulch is one of the most powerful tools that can be used in landscaping. 

Our Landscape Materials Services

At Burnin' Bush LLC, we do more than simply sell topsoil and mulches. We help take care of your entire landscape project. Our staff can deliver single loads to cut down on delivery costs, whether it's 1 yard or 100 cubic yards. We can also recommend the perfect landscaper for installation or tree trimming. We create a complete package that works for you!

No job is too big, and estimates are always free.

Burnin' Bush LLC employs only the most well-versed and well-rounded employees that are always willing to help. We guarantee you will love our products and our pricing. Whether it's redoing your entire yard or clearing and grinding for your future business site, Burnin' Bush LLC has the landscape material for your project.

  • fertilizer

    Mulch Applications

    Mulch is used to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keep the soil cool and make the bed more attractive.

  • landscaping


    The landscaping of your home and business says a lot about you. With landscaping materials from Burnin' Bush LLC, you can create a look that is the envy of your neighbors and welcomes you home when you drive up each day.

  • weed-suppression

    Weed Suppression

    Weeds need light and warm soil to survive. When you use mulch for your landscaping, it acts as a natural week barrier. Mulch keeps weed seeds from sprouting and blocks access to sunlight.


  • waste

    Wood & Brush Disposal

    We work to recycle your wood waste into a useful mulch or compost. As a result, disposal rates at our site are minimal compared to landfill prices.

  • sprinkler-icon

    Water Conservation

    Mulching trees, shrubs, and flower beds is a must with Texas constantly being in drought and water restrictions. Mulch helps reduce your water bill while also creating a luscious yard.

  • insect-deterrent

    Insect Deterrent

    Many mulch types help deter pests. Adding these mulches around the exterior foundation of your home and around trees can help keep insects at bay.


About Burnin' Bush LLC

Family-owned and operated, Burnin’ Bush LLC is a leading recycler in the wood-waste industry. Serving San Antonio and the surrounding areas since 2009, we pride ourselves on producing cost-effective materials for commercial and residential use.

Burnin’ Bush LLC has pioneered new, organic, and cost-effective processes to make the highest quality mulches, composts, soils, and aggregates at the best price.

From Our Helotes Location, We Proudly Serve:

San Antonio


Fair Oaks Ranch



and the Surrounding Areas


    See What Our Customers Say

    Micah Mendez
    3 months ago
    Only 25 bucks for a yard of beautiful black mulch! Quick and easy process to fill me truck bed up and the woman who helped...
    Maggie Cisneros
    11 months ago
    Quick delivery, efficient and polite driver. Satisfied with the overall quality. We had 6 yards of river rocks with 4 yards of sand on first...
    Moral Panique
    a year ago
    I built several raised beds and vertical garden containers this year and buying the soil in bags from a chain store would have cost me...
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